BOND Co. Ltd. (BOND) contributes to your business by unique IT design by "Smartavatar Series" softwares (i.e. "Creator") to help make movies , E-book,.
WEB pages, system softwares, printings. BOND is located at Kitakyusyu-City of Fukuoka Pref. in JAPAN.

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デザイン戦力は、力。 ICT3Dプロジェクト・スマートアバターシリーズの開発
BOND could contribute to your company's IT strategy through creative design of products or appealing IT contents.
Smartavaters help you to make movies with artificial intelligence.
You just do is input speeches and other information like music or backgroud pictures.(BOND Patent)
BOND could provide movie making softwares for amateur
which cut your companies IT or advertisement cost drastically and save time largely. They are genuinely BOND original.
People who don't have special skills for movies or TV programs production can easily his or her original movies or commercial programs in which "Smartavatar"(©BOND) characters with artificial brains could play. In the process of movie making, you could show the movie under making anytime and revise the motions or lines of players and change backgrounds or musics freely as many times as you like. The fittest motions can be proposed by the softwares for you to choose the best or do fine-tuning of. The proposal is based on the analogy of lines or other information which in advance you gave. The pictures can be reached to the multi places simultaneously.
This methods have been highly estimated and was prized for Kitakyusyu Industrial-Academic Institute's aid project to help SMEs to find their clients. The softwares were registered on patent as BOND requests.

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