BOND Co. Ltd. (BOND) contributes to your business by unique IT design by "Smartavatar Series" softwares (i.e. "Creator") to help make movies , E-book,.
WEB pages, system softwares, printings. BOND is located at Kitakyusyu-City of Fukuoka Pref. in JAPAN.

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デザイン戦力は、力。 ICT3Dプロジェクト・スマートアバターシリーズの開発
BOND Profile

Akira Furukawa, founder of "BOND", made this company 60 years ago. Since then we are observing his will to contribute to our clients by heart and technology.
"BOND" was built by Akira Furukawa in 1925(Showa 25th) at Kitakyusyu-City of Fukuoka Pref. in Japan as "Furukawa Photo and Printing Company". The company's main service was offset printing. He was one of pioneers in Japan of colored printing and developed some skills of colored printing. He has valued "Credibility, Technology, and Speed" as values of company and has kept thanks and obligations for clients and made efforts for new technology and skills for printing.
I, HIromi Furukawa who was s designer of the company, succeeded CEO Feb. 14th in 2006 and changed the name of the company to "BOND Co. Ltd.". To provide the suitable tools which match the client needs in high speed change of IT technology, we made new organization for software developments besides paper printing. In 2008, we started the ICT 3D project which was prized for Fukuoka pref. new management innovation. Our basic products, the softwares which make amateurs it possible to make movies with Smartavatar(©BOND)having artificial brains on PCs without special skills on softwares or direction are invented(BOND). Users can show and modify the movies very easily anytime and can send to multi-PCs. We BOND always respect the founder Akira FURUKAWA's spirit and contribute to this society with IT industry development. Please keep good contact with the BOND and feel free to access us.

"BOND Co. Ltd." CEO Hiromi Furukawa

We value the essence of the value and bond itself.
"The bond of friends"[BOND]
"The bond of friends" is a memory and homage for the 17 year old boy who went to the heaven during that his classmates attend the final game of high school baseball tournament at Fukuoka pref. to "the national final game at Koshien baseball ground". A classmate of him composed this tune for piano solo to commemorate him which was played at his funeral. This tune has been shared only among classmates and the composer arranged it for piano and violin duo. We never forget the impact when we knew the tune was for the value of friendship among classmates. The tune let us know what the human value is in the world where people judge human only for numerical scales. [BOND] we have named the company "BOND (Kizuna)" from "the bond of friends" and have always asked ourselves the essence of the value and bond itself.

♪"the bond of friends"

Company Profile

Company name BOND Co. Ltd.
Address zip 803-0801 Nishi-minato 122-10 kokurakita-ku Kitakyusyu-City Fukuoka pref., JAPAN
tel.093-561-5521  fax.093-571-3320
URL   e-mail
CEO Hiromi Furukawa
Established on September 3th in 1950
Capital 10 million yen
Business Design for information management
* "Smartavatar Series" softwares for making movies
* Softwares for interactive services
* Softwares for systems
* 3DCG design
* Design for printing, advertisement outdoors, and Website
* Electric Book

5 min. drive from Nishi-minato interchange of Kita-kyusyu City High Way.
5 min. walk from Nishitetsu-Bus "Hiagari-Kogyo-Danchi" bus stop by Nishitetsu Bus Service No.99 from Kokura-sta. North Gate terminal.